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Open Range

Open Range, 2003

Cattlemen Charley (Kevin Costner) and his boss (Robert Duvall) are free grazing their cattle along with two younger cowhands when they come into the territory of a land baron (Michael Gambon) who doesn't approve of free grazing. When neither side is willing to back down, the conflict quickly turns to bloodshed. Complicating things further are the feelings Charley begins to develop for a local nurse (Annette Bening).

Another solid western, this one with a pretty straight-forward plot with some interesting little embellishments.

Costner (who also directed) is solid as a man living with some sort of traumatic past, reluctantly returning to violence. Once things kick off, though, he sometimes has trouble walking away. Duvall is a nice counterpoint as the mostly-sanguine boss, though it's interesting to note that his pride--not wanting to take the baron's threats seriously and move their cattle out--is what leads to the escalating confrontation.

The scenery looks really amazing, and the sequences where the men are herding the cattle through wide open landscapes are really breathtaking and must have looked fantastic on the big screen.

I don't have too much to say about this one, aside from the fact that I really enjoyed it.