When the Wind Blows   1/26/24
by Takoma11
Elderly couple Jim (John Mills) and Hilda (Peggy Ashcroft) follow government directions to prepare for an imminent nuclear attack.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before   1/26/24
by Takoma11
When Peter and Lara Jean are hashing out the boundaries of their fake relationship and she says she doesnt want kissing to be part of it, Peter (nicely, but firmly) calls out the fact that Lara Jean kissed him without permission.

The Sword and the Sorcerer   1/19/24
by Takoma11
The frustrating part here isnt just the main character being a sexual predator---he gropes and kisses a lot of women in this film without permission, but its a fantasy movie, so they all love it!--its the way that this whole arc of treating Alana as a sexual prize renders her character really flat.

Rhubarb   1/19/24
by Takoma11
There isnt a whole lot here in terms of character development---not that the film requires that--and the character of Myra is pretty thin.

Knuckleball   1/17/24
by Takoma11
With no way to call for help, Henry must survive the day and the night in a battle of wits, all the while learning more and more about the unsettling relationship between Jacob and Dixon.

The Meg   1/16/24
by Takoma11
I was genuinely sad about the idea of them winning by killing the shark, and of course the film isnt creative enough to do anything but that.

Jungle   1/15/24
by Takoma11
The film also has a less than enlightened attitude toward its female characters, all of whom serve only to take their clothing off---one flashback sequence in particular feels shoehorned in just for this purpose.

Nature of the Beast   1/14/24
by Takoma11
The best thing that the film has going for it is the way that Adrians sort-of-gay, unhinged wild man routine perpetually unnerves Jack.

A Dark Place   1/14/24
by Takoma11
Unfortunately, the film doesnt quite cohere as it tries to find its way to an ending.

Payback   1/13/24
by Takoma11
So right away, I knew I wasnt going to love the film because Gibson is the wrong kind of distracting.

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