Black Is Beltza   5/09/21
by Takoma11
The main character is a handsome man who has lots of (unprotected!) sex with a ton of women and gets involved in little shootouts.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines   5/09/21
by Takoma11
While many kids movies have increasingly come to lean on meta-jokes, this is a film that takes a very self-aware approach to its animation and structure, but still carves out a meaningful emotional arc for all of its main characters.

Casa de Lava   5/08/21
by Takoma11
A nurse named Mariana (Ines de Medeiros) is tasked with accompanying a comatose worker named Leao (Isaach de Bankhole) back to his home in Cape Verde.

Fear of Fear   5/07/21
by Takoma11
I liked Carstensen's performance as Margot, and I appreciated the way that the film portrayed and developed the relationship between Margot, her husband, and her in-laws.

The Merchant of Four Seasons   5/04/21
by Takoma11
I actually felt that the film's strongest point was that final sequence (despite me poking a bit of fun at it), because we really get a window into Hans' mental state.

5up 2down   5/03/21
by Takoma11
On top of which, it also clashes a bit thematically with another big idea in the film, which is Hunter's inability to trust having come from an abusive background.

From Other Worlds   5/02/21
by Takoma11
Buono and de Bankhole have good chemistry with each other, which is probably the saving grace of the entire film.

Right Now, Wrong Then   5/01/21
by Takoma11
A film director is in town for a film festival at a local university, but he arrives a day early and must kill time in town.

Chocolat   4/30/21
by Takoma11
The best aspect of the film is simply that each character feels very alive and as if they have a point of view.

Night on Earth   4/29/21
by Takoma11
The writing feels a bit exaggerated at times, and I wasn't entirely sold on the chemistry between the two characters.

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