Computer Chess   1/26/22
by Takoma11
A group of eccentric computer programmers meet for an annual tournament in which their chess-playing programs go head-to-head to see whose program will dominate.

Crazy Heart   1/25/22
by Takoma11
Going back again to that word, credible, the way that the film shows Bad's gift as a songwriter feels real.

Nomadland   1/25/22
by Takoma11
But as we see illuminated in a conversation late in the film, always being on the move gives a much needed sense of hope that she might, somehow, be moving toward the thing she misses most.

Thunder Road   1/24/22
by Takoma11
Jim encountering a mentally ill suspect in a way that ends in tragedy, his conversation with his sister, or especially the film's final ten or so minutes.

To the Bone   1/24/22
by Takoma11
I'm not entirely sure what to think about the way that the film approaches the idea of how someone might recover from an eating disorder.

I, Daniel Blake   1/23/22
by Takoma11
What this film does so well is show the way that a system can fail not because all of the people in it are cold, indifferent, or on a power trip, but rather because the system itself is disjoint and even those who do want to help are hampered by regulation or other restrictions.

Jaws   1/23/22
by Takoma11
These calm moments acknowledge something that is sometimes missed in horror films: it's not all death all the time.

The Green Knight   1/22/22
by Takoma11
The film does have a bit of a "road movie" pace to it, with a kind of episodic feel.

Mad Love   1/22/22
by Takoma11
In terms of the way that the film is shot, there is an unrestrained energy to it that is equal parts involving and exhausting.

Midnight Cowboy   1/22/22
by Takoma11
Probably my favorite moment in the film is when Joe tries to help Ratso clean himself up before the two go into a party.

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