Jesus Camp   9/17/23
by Takoma11
This documentary follows several children as they attend an evangelical summer camp run by Becky Fischer, a woman who sees children as the future army of God.

The Parts You Lose   9/16/23
by Takoma11
So why is it, if the police are so convinced that Wesley is hiding this wanted criminal, they dont think to look inside THE HUGE BARN looming behind them?!

Faces Places   9/12/23
by Takoma11
Later in the film, Varda and JR take a road trip to visit Jean-Luc Godard in Switzerland, but when they arrive he refuses to see them, something he communicates in a letter that also references the death of a mutual friend of theirs and which clearly offends and hurts Vardas feelings.

Doctor Sleep   9/10/23
by Takoma11
I think that my teenage self might have enjoyed this film.

Manganinnie   9/10/23
by Takoma11
The film remains neutral on Manganinnies continued capture of Joanna, resisting the urge to paint it as some benevolent or wholesome action, but also recognizing the deep pain that Manganinnie is experiencing and that she keeps Joanna with her out of a deep and desperate loneliness.

White Mischief   9/05/23
by Takoma11
The setting of the film is quite beautiful, though the way that the local people are portrayed feels a bit off.

Of an Age   9/02/23
by Takoma11
No complaints (though boy is Ebony annoying!), and just a lovely film that manages to pack punches all the way to the end credit.

Barbie   8/29/23
by Takoma11
It would have been easy for the film to simply position Barbie and her friends returning Barbieland to the status quo as a victory and the ultimate end-game, but Robbies Barbie very quickly becomes a woman who lives between two worlds and two states of awareness.

TR   8/26/23
by Takoma11
I think that the brilliance of this film is the way that it resists commentary on what it is observing.

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.   8/25/23
by Takoma11
There is some good stuff here, and to the films credit that good stuff is relatively spread out through the film.

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