The Fall of the House of Usher   7/06/22
by Takoma11
Sometimes when you're watching a movie from the 20s, there's a scene that's framed kind of flat, or a performance that just doesn't work, and you think "Well, yeah, the early days of film and they were still figuring things out."

The Burning   7/05/22
by Takoma11
It feels like the movie trying to connect the dots in terms of why we linger on the bodies and killings of some of the female characters, and I didn't totally buy it.

The Black Phone   7/04/22
by Takoma11
The scenes where Finn talks to the previous murder victims are staged in different ways, and for the most part they work pretty well.

Departures   7/03/22
by Takoma11
A touch that I loved in the film was the way that Daigo always looked at the photographs of the deceased people.

Babel   7/02/22
by Takoma11
Again, the film seems to switch effortlessly between moments that almost feel documentary---like a stop at the border---to moments that are unabashedly cinematic.

The Dry   7/02/22
by Takoma11
I always have such mixed feelings when a novel I like is adapted to film.

God's Not Dead   7/01/22
by Takoma11
There are a lot of ways that this film is underwhelming and kind of dumb.

Trog   7/01/22
by Takoma11
When the film gets to its final act, it really doesn't know what to do with itself, and ends up with sort of a King Kong/Frankenstein mish-mash.

The Way, Way Back   6/30/22
by Takoma11
Likewise, in a film where we're asked to appreciate the nuances of child mistreatment, the character of the perpetually sloshed neighbor (Allison Janney) who mocks her own young child with a lazy eye feels wrong.

Manos: The Hands of Fate   6/28/22
by Takoma11
One element that makes bagging on the film a little less fun is knowing that Reynolds died of suicide after completing the film (not necessarily connected, but still .

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