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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years


(2016, Howard)

"You must be kidding with that question. Culture? It's not culture... [It's] a good laugh"

Ron Howard takes a look at the Beatles rise to fame, international stardom, and the overall mass hysteria surrounding their touring years. It surely was a fun and interesting watch, particularly for someone who loves the Beatles but isn't as immersed into them as much as I wish, or as some hardcore fans might be.

The documentary manages to capture how the essence of their live shows and music changes from just pure fun and energy in the early years to a desire and need to experiment and go beyond. This I've said before and I still stand by it; there isn't a single musician/band that exemplifies what is musical evolution and growth paired with success as The Beatles, and that you can witness here.

If anything, one is left wanting to see more of them, but since Howard decided to focus on that rough period of 1962 to 1966, what could be considered their most experimental and maybe conflicting period is left out. It kinda feels abrupt the way the documentary ends. But anyway, a very fun and insightful documentary.