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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner is probably my favorite movie, and somehow I haven't seen this one until now. The most obvious thing I must get out of the way is how gorgeous this thing is. Most sci-fi movies are a boring mess of dumb metal **** and blue light, whereas this movie has some really awesome sets that give each locale a very different feel.

Just like the original (specifically the Final Cut, because that one is clearly the best version), this film can be pretty slow burning at times. There isn't too much crazy action, but I think that's a good thing, since it makes the moments where it does happen that much more meaningful.

To me the most compelling part of both films is the philosophical implications, and this doesn't disappoint. I have my own reservations about sharing and discussing movie interpretations, but you can certainly analyze this one for a while. There's some pretty obvious symbolism in here, and it's abundant with the same sorts of themes the first one presents, while also having some more subtle details that make me want to watch this one some more.

There are a couple of parts in this movie that aren't as gripping as the rest, as well as some non-sensical plot elements, but overall this is a very worthy sequel to a movie that shouldn't of had one in the first place.

Ryan Gosling really does have a knack for playing badass social retards, doesn't he?