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The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy
Jason Bourne returns for a second round of international cat and mouse in 2004's The Bourne Supremacy, where Jason's memory begins to return, putting him in even more danger than he was in The Bourne Identity.

As this sequel to the 2002 film opens, Jason (Matt Damon) and his girlfriend, Marie (Franka Portente), who bailed him out in the first film, are now living underground and always looking over their shoulder. Unfortunately, bits and pieces of his memory return at the same time the CIA is trying to cover up their mishandling of Jason's original mission.

Tony Gilroy's screenplay is overly complex, taking place at glamorous international locations that seem to change with every scene and requiring a scorecard to keep track of all these people planning to take out our hero. Not only do we have what appears to be two different factions of the CIA wanting to get Jason, but there's also a Russian assassin who has been paid handsomely to kill Bourne as well. The real basis of this sequel is revealed as the viewer learns that it's not so much what Bourne did on his bungled assignment that left him with amnesia at the end of the first film

What I loved that director Paul Greengrass (Flight 93)) did with this story is that he delivers the kind of action that is expected from a story like this, but does it in varying ways that keep the story fresh and exciting. We have a car chase through the streets of Berlin that's a real nail-biter, we also have a one on one battle between Jason and the Russian hitman that's just as exciting. It was also interesting watching Jason trying to adjust life being on the run. He doesn't see things as normal people see them, everyone and everything is a threat. Loved the scene near the beginning where Jason thinks he's being followed and explains to Maria, "It's the way he walks, the way he dresses...it just wrong."

Greengrass employs first rate production values to the film including Oscar-worthy film editing , cinematography, and sound. Matt Damon once again brings the dark and brooding Bourne to life and gets solid support from Brian Cox and Joan Allen as the cats in this elaborate cat and mouse adventure. Though the set-up of the sequel is kind of obvious, but we do get some closure as Jason Bourne actually learns his real name. Another sequel that stands up proudly to the original, followed by The Bourne Ultimatum.