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OCT 2nd

Silver Bullet

An adaptation of a Stephen King short, we see Corey Haim scoot around in a motorized wheelchair as a werewolf terrorizes his small town. This is a classic 80's effects horror film, one of the better Stephen King adaptations and comical in just the right amount of places. I'll take this werewolf picture over The Howling any day.

The film is narrated by the sister, despite most of the movie being from the brother's perspective. Starring Corey Haim, Terry O'Quinn, Everett McGill and Gary Busey, the cast seems to be self-aware of the material and has fun with it. At one point the film becomes a whodunnit style investigation. Once the reveal takes place, dread sets in.

I think Scream took from this film's "one last scare" ending. It mirrors it so well it's hard to imagine it wasn't done on purpose. Silver Bullet feels underrated in the werewolf sub-genre, I don't hear too many people talking about it, but it has some good things to offer.