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Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks, 1974)

I was not offended by anything in the movie. I repeat, I was not offended...And no I don't think this movie is being racist. In fact it's poking fun at the uptight white people who freaked out when a black sheriff came to town, and that was a funny premise for a movie.

So why didn't I like it? I find one liners and sight gags to be a bore. I found nothing funny about Mel Brooks' character, the governor. Though I did find plenty stupid about his on screen time. Sorry, but crossing your eyes for a joke, last worked on me in grade school. Same with the GOV on the back of his coat, if that was suppose to be funny I didn't laugh, not at all. And there was a lot I didn't laugh at in this comedy, I mean 5 minutes of fart jokes isn't funny to me.

I did like Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder's scenes together. Those scenes, especially the first one in the jail were funny because both men have natural comic talent and didn't rely on cheap gags to get a laugh.

Blazing Saddles reminds me of one of the most beloved comedies of the 1980s...Airplane!. BTW, I hated Airplane!, same style of broad comedy that just doesn't work for me. If you like broad vauldeville style comedy than this movie might be right for you, it wasn't for me.