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Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

Jean Negulesco

Somewhat light-hearted musical romance that's perfectly watchable but sadly imo never manages to hit any real heights.

Fred Astaire is without doubt one of the finest dancers ever to light up a screen and Leslie Caron is certainly no slouch in that sphere either, but for me there's just very little magic to be found in the dance numbers on display here. Aside from the odd moment the dances the two share generally feel by-the-numbers with very little natural flow or chemistry to them. That disappointment is doubled as the songs are also generally quite weak, only Something's Gotta Give standing out as a number of any particular value.

The tale itself is adequate, if somewhat unremarkable, and the script at least contains a few witty one-liners (chiefly for the supporting characters played by Thelma Ritter and Fred Clark) that do provide a smile here and there, whilst the dream sequences are quite nicely presented and help to give proceedings a little more life.

Daddy Long Legs isn't a bad film but unfortunately never really seems to move out of second gear - making it a rather lacklustre affair and imo only worthy of a