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I just watched the best movie of the 2018. Adam McKay directs a satirical comedy/horror about the rise of Dick Cheney through the ranks of Washington D.C.

I am a huge fan of the big short and with this movie Adam Mckay takes a shot at Washington D.C and the political power during bush era. The movie is one of the most unique movies ever made. It grew on me after I watched it last night. McKay avoids so many pitfalls in the movie. When you make a movie about Dick Cheney, you never make a hero out of him. It is incredibly easy to make a success story with a bitter social message tagged on as cautionary tale. It is tempting. But a movie about Dick Cheney should be more about the effects of his actions and how he became what he became and less about accidentally idolizing him. The movie is dense and loaded with lot of stuff and facts. McKay has slowly but surely became an auteur. I love his style so much. In the first 10 minutes you notice that the movie is creating this portrait of warped American dream. You know about his background and where he is now. It competently wraps up lot of threads and starts focusing on his current timeline. It never goes overboard with emotions. There is a lot of emotion in the real life itself. You don't have to make up fake emotional scenes. The movie super imposes dramatic scenes with real life footage to kind of paint a grim picture of people in power and how decisions made in closed doors impact the world.

The stands outs are Christian bale's realistic tranformative performance, editing, screenplay, and sam Rockwell's performance. All these things work extremely well. It gets better a second time. FINALLY a movie doesn't feel like it could be directed by anyone. I honestly don't think any director could have made a movie like this.