The Pianist   2/27/22
by aronisred
The thing that I liked the most about Szpilman is, even though he cannot physically defend himself and hes obviously not a rebel he does want to get out of the ghetto and live like a free man and the surprising thing the movie does and obviously the movie can hide behind the blanket of being based o...

Jurassic Park III   1/30/22
by aronisred
The movie felt like its on a mission to show some new species of dinosaurs and it felt like an in and out operation movie.

Don't Look Up   1/02/22
by aronisred
But once he is able to get DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep among boatload of other stars who usually headline their own movies to be part of the ensemble, people became curious.But I always knew that the expectations from "sophisticated" critics would never be met by this movie.

The Fearless Vampire Killers   7/03/21
by aronisred
But unbeknownst them sharon tate is already bitten and she turns into a vampire and bites professor's assistant and the movie ends with the implication that the professors not only failed to kill the vampire but he is responsible for spreading vampires across the world.

Synchronic   3/27/21
by aronisred
The directors of this movie are independent low budget directors who made some very weird movies in the past.

Wind River   2/21/21
by aronisred
Elizabeth Olsen, the FBI agent is a fish out of water but the somber tone of the movie doesn't allow for elaborating that aspect of the movie and it works in its favor.

Mystic River   1/31/21
by aronisred
Among oscar voters who saw the movie some might feel discriminated because of the character judgements the movie is making but the father daughter relationship kind of makes them either forget or forgive the more offensive things in the movie.

The Motorcycle Diaries   11/07/20
by aronisred
As far as road movies that involve characters transforming through the journey is concerned this is at the top of the list but it really doesn't have much of a competition.

Memento   5/31/20
by aronisred
But I think its the combination of locations in the movie(San francisco/LA/Las vegas), the look of the protagonist and characters in the movie and the cinematography(both day and night) in the movie made the movie look much richer than its budget can afford.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood   7/28/19
by aronisred
There are a lot of movies within movie and TV shows within movie and they have been used to a point of unnecessity because even on my second watch I felt that the movie dragged a lot.

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