The Motorcycle Diaries   11/07/20
by aronisred
The idea is that through their journey they see the harsh reality of the world they otherwise would never have come across and this transforms Che into Che Guevara, the world famous revolutionary.

Memento   5/31/20
by aronisred
But I think its the combination of locations in the movie(San francisco/LA/Las vegas), the look of the protagonist and characters in the movie and the cinematography(both day and night) in the movie made the movie look much richer than its budget can afford.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood   7/28/19
by aronisred
There are a lot of movies within movie and TV shows within movie and they have been used to a point of unnecessity because even on my second watch I felt that the movie dragged a lot.

Tumbbad   5/14/19
by aronisred
The brilliancy of the script is that at this point in the movie we see him searching for the entrance to the treasure chest based on the information given by the grandmother and once he finds it the movie cuts back to his home in another village.

Tucker: The Man and His Dream   4/29/19
by aronisred
The movie has positives in terms of entertainment value but the emotional dramatic wow factor is sorely missing in the movie.

Grizzly Man   4/24/19
by aronisred
Midway through the movie Herzog shows the footage of two wild bears fight for dominance.

Panic Room   3/27/19
by aronisred
It feels like a well made movie that is intended to satisfy the audience and deliver on the promise of what they came to the movie theater for.

The Ghost Writer   3/14/19
by aronisred
This movie uniquely shows how it feels like to be be in the vicinity of a politician under immense scrutiny.As the ghost writer makes contact with the ex colleague of the ex-PM, who is still a government official trying to bring him to justice, he is tasked with getting confession from the man himse...

Triple Frontier   3/14/19
by aronisred
One of the reasons why that was so good is because none of the actors in the movie jumped out of the movie or took you out of the movie.

Senna   3/08/19
by aronisred
Ferrari deals with endurance racing and I don't think there is another movie that deals with endurance racing the length of races is long and that might help the movie to be different and be the definitive car movie of all time.

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