Tumbbad   5/14/19
by aronisred
So vinayak draws a circle with flour and stays in it because hastar can't enter the circle and the he lures Hastar with the doll from the box and once Hastar is busy eating the doll he steals the coins from the loin cloth of hastar and climbs out of the womb before he is done eating and closes the d...

Tucker: The Man and His Dream   4/29/19
by aronisred
The movie has positives in terms of entertainment value but the emotional dramatic wow factor is sorely missing in the movie.

Grizzly Man   4/24/19
by aronisred
Midway through the movie Herzog shows the footage of two wild bears fight for dominance.

Panic Room   3/27/19
by aronisred
Many times in the movie I found myself noticing cliches in these kinds of movies.

The Ghost Writer   3/14/19
by aronisred
This movie uniquely shows how it feels like to be be in the vicinity of a politician under immense scrutiny.As the ghost writer makes contact with the ex colleague of the ex-PM, who is still a government official trying to bring him to justice, he is tasked with getting confession from the man himse...

Triple Frontier   3/14/19
by aronisred
One of the reasons why that was so good is because none of the actors in the movie jumped out of the movie or took you out of the movie.

Senna   3/08/19
by aronisred
Ferrari deals with endurance racing and I don't think there is another movie that deals with endurance racing the length of races is long and that might help the movie to be different and be the definitive car movie of all time.

Vice   12/25/18
by aronisred
The movie is one of the most unique movies ever made.

Green Book   11/26/18
by aronisred
But from what I see with the reactions of critics who didn't like the movie , most of them expecting it to be this hard hitting racism movie that ends with a downer where everyone is sad and miserable that racism existed.

Widows   11/16/18
by aronisred
In their quest to full fill their self created destiny they brain wash themselves into thinking that any movie that promotes diversity in current times and a movie by a director whose last movie is acclaimed and won best picture must be good.

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