Green Book   11/26/18
by aronisred
But from what I see with the reactions of critics who didn't like the movie , most of them expecting it to be this hard hitting racism movie that ends with a downer where everyone is sad and miserable that racism existed.

Widows   11/16/18
by aronisred
In their quest to full fill their self created destiny they brain wash themselves into thinking that any movie that promotes diversity in current times and a movie by a director whose last movie is acclaimed and won best picture must be good.

The Wolverine   10/31/18
by aronisred
Negatives in the movie are the whole final act twist and also it was kinda cold decision by director to include a plotline to invite wolverine, who is in such a sad position in his life in the beginning of the movie to Japan by a guy whom he saved a long time ago only to reveal that his motive behind is to seek wolverine's immortality.

First Man   10/19/18
by aronisred
Because most of the movie takes place on earth and it makes it easier for audience to think that this movie is an art house movie but director does a good job of switching between scenes of varying scales .

The China Syndrome   10/16/18
by aronisred
The movie cleverly puts him in a position of uncertainty where in he can't totally blame the corporation for not performing regular tests that would cost millions but at the same time he is not 100% sure that his doubts are warranted.

Bad Times at the El Royale   10/16/18
by aronisred
His dialogue delivery and performance is the same in every movie.In a way this movie made me understand why Tarantino uses lot of blood in the movie.

Hardcore Henry   9/27/18
by aronisred
The whole movie feels like it is made by a Russian guy who is much more interested in Hollywood movies his whole life more than his local film industry and is interested in making his version of how a Hollywood movie should be.

Jurassic Park   9/26/18
by aronisred
As I said in my Predator review, in movies like these that are set in an exotic location or a mysterious land, the most important thing is to not change the tone of the movie.

Murder Party   9/25/18
by aronisred
When **** hits the fan the difference between a bad movie and a good movie is that in case of good movie the crazy circumstances make sense.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park   9/25/18
by aronisred
The first movie felt way more fluid in its transition from place to place but in this movie, it doesn't feel so.

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