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Hereditary (2018) N

A horror film that's been praised as a new classic and compared to films like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby.

I'll skip the plot description completely this time because it's impossible to say anything meaningful without spoiling the film. Themewise the number one topic is loss and how to cope with it. Up to a point that aspect works alright but primarily as a plot device it doesn't have enough depth to carry almost 2/3 of the film. There are couple of decent scenes about the faulty family dynamics but they don't seem to lead anywhere. As a result the first 90 minutes or so of the film are dreadfully boring.

The way the actual plot starts to move forward feels silly and forced and as the film gets closer to the end that applies to pretty much everything related to the plot. Some of the scenes don't seem to fit at all and couple are borderline comedic. Despite of all that the last 20 minutes or so are mildly entertaining (I kinda have a soft spot for this kind of stuff) but not rewarding enough for suffering through the rest of the movie.

Technically the film is pretty solid but it fails to create an atmosphere of dread or fear. Compared to somewhat similar Satan's Slaves I watched few days ago Hereditary lacks the creepiness altogether. Soundtrack was good and probably the best part of the film. Acting was also good except the son of the family who was really bad in some more emotional scenes.

After all the praise Hereditary ended up being a massive disappointment.