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They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

A very good film, I might even call it great. I had many different thoughts throughout it. At the start I thought it was a high-concept dialogue film. Near the middle I started to realize that wasn't the case. At the end I understood the film a little better, and after looking on its Wikipedia page I fully understood it.

It wasn't until I went onto the Wikipedia page did I realize this was set in the Depression-era. This info made me completely understand everything in the film I was confused about. Jobs are so sparse people are willing to stay in a grueling dance marathon for two months just to get $1,400, they care so much about the money they don't even bother to get to know the people they're dancing with (A.K.A. Good excuse for no character development). The film's extremely negative tone is justified due to the time period it is set in.

I loved the music and that ambiguous final shot. The racing scenes were brilliant, super intense: My favourite parts of the film. I like the metaphorical irony that our main characters are depressed as they can't work in movies, which are an escape for people in the Depression era, but they end up torturing themselves in the dance competition, which is also an escape for the Depression era spectators.

If there's one negative thing I'll say, it's about the film's length. Much of the middle of it is just dancing without much progression of plot, I started to feel bored during these parts. Maybe it's intentional to get us to relate to our main cast who are starving for sleep and can barely stand.

My second Sydney Pollack film and probably the last I'll see for a while. Great nom Cricket.