Ghostwatch   10/08/18
by HashtagBrownies
There's a certain level of uneasiness to seeing the people in the room acting very posh and professional and Craig Charles having fun with the crowd while chaos is ensuing in the house.

Whistle and I'll Come to You   10/05/18
by HashtagBrownies
There's also a 3 minute picnic scene in the middle of the film which also adds nothing to the film.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   9/30/18
by HashtagBrownies
An insanely entertaining film, the best kind of film.

Jack Frost   9/23/18
by HashtagBrownies
When I saw this HoF I thought of the film and said *GASP* That's the perfect film to nominate!

The Innocents   9/18/18
by HashtagBrownies
Good thing I got the Blu-Ray copy of the film, cause the film looks as crisp as a crisp!

The Burning   9/17/18
by HashtagBrownies
The film doesn't have any 'proper' kills until the 50 minute mark, so we spend tons of time getting to know these characters better.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer   7/13/18
by HashtagBrownies
A pretty great murder film that just happens to have one of the best and most unexpected climax's to a film I have ever seen.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?   6/04/18
by HashtagBrownies
At the end I understood the film a little better, and after looking on its Wikipedia page I fully understood it.

Wait Until Dark   5/16/18
by HashtagBrownies
The film does a fantastic job of being suspenseful, with the robbers getting more aggressive and violent as the film goes on.

Call Me by Your Name   5/15/18
by HashtagBrownies
The romance in the film is so beautiful, I dont think Ive ever felt like this during a romance film.

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