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Call Me by Your Name

Call Me By You Name (2017)

Just a completely wonderful experience. A Ghost Story may be a 10/10 film, but this is making me question which was the better film of 2017. The film perfectly and realistically conveys the comforting, sleepy, nostalgic feel of being on a holiday and being too relaxed to do anything, helped by a combination of its realistic dialogue, beautiful colour pallet and 35mm camera. I know this as I go to a tiny house near the beach for a week every year and itís the time I look forward to most in the year; This film was a welcoming reminder to it.

I just love Chalamet, Iím around the same age as him so I completely relate to him (Also he loves reading!). The romance in the film is so beautiful, I donít think Iíve ever felt like this during a romance film. Some may be creeped out with the age difference between him and Hammer, but they address the concern in the film and I feel itís alright as theyíre both age of consent. It's easy to see the characters' different motivations: Chalamet is a young man desperate for love and sex and sees his relationship with Hammer as an eternal bond, while Hammer (The older man) on the other hand is a more experienced lover and just sees Chalamet as just another swoon in a long line. All of these combine together to make the ending utterly devastating.

In nearly every LGBT film Iíve seen they always have to say s*it like ďWhat will our parents think if we do this?!Ē and then at the end of the film they have to make a big song and dance number about how itís ok to be gay. This film has none of that, it just treats the relationship as if itís the most casual thing ever, I love it; Making being gay not a big deal is the most diverse thing you can do.

One of my favourites.