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Fantastic Planet

Fantastic Planet (1973)

La plančte sauvage (original title)
Director: René Laloux
Writers: Stefan Wul (novel), Roland Topor (adaptation)
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

On a distant planet somewhere in the vastness of the universe, dwells to sentient beings... The giant blue alien Draags and their pet slaves, humanoids called Oms. The Draags are a machine like and at times seem to be almost insect like in their life cycles. The Oms on the other hand are very human like and rebel against their Draag masters. CR

I enjoyed this immensely. The entire movie is so rich in creative details and imaginative alien creatures that I enjoyed just looking at it and soaking it all in...The story itself was was well done, straight-up conceptional sci-fi. It would be interesting to read the novel that the movie is based on. I use to read a lot of sci-fi and this reminded me of some of the classics that I read.

I liked the animation style too, the humans looked like a Renaissances painting by Botticelli. The first half of the film with the interaction between the young Terr and Tiwa was very impressive and really conveyed the feeling of a captured pet and a childlike alien which was a good juxtaposition.

Then there's this terrifying aspect of Fantastic Planet. It's almost at a subconscious level in the film, and has a terrifying impact.

The scene where the aliens eyes go blank and they go through some creepy ass alien decompiling of their bodies. And the music was eerie too.

A must see for any sci fi fan!