Fantastic Planet   3/27/21
by Thief
Set in the mysterious planet of Ygam, Fantastic Planet follows the clashes between the human-like Oms and the giant, blue humanoid Draags that are trying to eradicate the former from their planet, while also keeping them as pets.

Fantastic Planet   7/23/20
by TheUsualSuspect
The movement of the film feels like a Monty Python segment, but that's where the comparison to the comedy troupe ends as Fantastic Planet seems to have its mind on more serious matters.

Fantastic Planet   3/08/18
by Citizen Rules
The first half of the film with the interaction between the young Terr and Tiwa was very impressive and really conveyed the feeling of a captured pet and a childlike alien which was a good juxtaposition.

Fantastic Planet   8/05/15
by Gatsby
If the cut-out animation sequences of a Python film were to elevated to a level of genius, while keeping a bit of the absurdity and comicness, you would get Fantastic Planet.

Fantastic Planet   5/30/14
by donniedarko
My thoughts are somewhat scattered from my viewing of Fantastic Planet, the film starts off suave as hell with the electronic score and the opening film title:

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