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3 Days of the Condor

Three Days of the Condor

I believe this was the last movie I watched back for the 70's countdown. I remembered liking it but it quickly faded from my memory. This was my second time watching it and I liked it a little more.

The opening credits really struck me as lame at the time. In restrospect, I think they were well done. They were so ordinary that I think they helped the first major event of the movie be more shocking. That is some scary gun that's used in the movie. So then the story unfolds, and I think it's fairly generic, but it's very entertaining with a good amount of tension.

I don't think Robert Redford is a great actor, but I do think he's a great star and I always like his performances. He suits the role very well. I also enjoyed Faye Dunaway's performance, not great, but just off enough to make her compelling. She looked great and had the best line of the movie. Max Von Sydow was the star for me displaying the perfect combination of suave and menace. The movie is at it's best when he's on screen.

I thought the musical score was awful and that it really hurt the movie. It seemed very out of place to me and did nothing to enhance the tension. Also out of place was the love scene which seemed completely forced. My gripes are not killers because I really enjoyed the movie and so did my wife.