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The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies

Mark Pellington

I wonder why would I want to re-watch this movie after 15 years passed by? I've seen it right after its release and kind of just shrug it off and basically just flush it down the cinematography toilet. Was I missing a point? Did I need to mature to this movie? No. I simply needed to experience more tragedy and sadness in my life to comprehend the movie.

Let me start with a simple fact, this movie is not a typical horror that makes your heart jump and scares the s h i t out of you. This movie is about different kind of horror. It is about horrors you experience in your life.

The movie was filmed back in 2002, directed by Mark Pellington with main cast of Richard Gere (John Klein), Debra Messing (Mary Klein), Laura Linney (Connie Mills). The story is about successful, happily married Washington Post journalist, who unexpectedly looses his wife. All that happiness between John and Mary (I wonder if this is not a reference to Peter Yates's romance) is within seconds crashed to pieces by strange car accident. We see this insect-like humanoid creature flying through the car causing his wife to freeze in fear and loosing control over the vehicle. Then drawn by unknown force only to end up in the town Point Pleasant, first by curiosity and monster chase, then by looking deeper in the basic questions of life.

I admired the mood of the movie emphasized by an excellent soundtrack, eerie and cold. Sometimes even changing to cacophony of madness. As well as by graphic effects like those little moments when picture get blurry or colors start to play games with you. Also the whole set up, scenery, was all snowy, g r e y, cold. All together giving a right touch to it. Giving you fear from what's coming next. It is like a premise to a bitter truth how we will always be afraid of an inexplicable, unknown, from things we cannot grasp, comprehend.

I think to watch, to like this movie depends on what state of mind you are. You really have to set your mood watching this. The whole movie after 5 minutes of happiness is full of darkness, despair, rage, madness, sad, g r e y and cold state of mind. But that's how the life is sometimes. Even though you have it predicted. Call it Indrid Cold, a moth-man, call it whatever you want, we are simply not capable to comprehend every phenomena using our faculties. So sometimes we simply have to accept the things as they are. Very nicely a lady cop character Connie is trying to explain to John to drop that madness and return to a normal life, to enjoy a life, to find happiness and not to dwell on sadness and despair. And he decides good, not to pick up that phone.

This said, I think this movie is not a mere monster chase. There's more to it. What can you possibly do when a bridge on which you are standing with both your feet suddenly starts to collapse. Not very much. It collapses anyway. Important is what happens after it collapses. Do I want to rebuild that bridge or just stay there the whole life looking at ruins?

Really heavy movie that introduces different kind of horror. It's about tragedies in our lives and desperate attempts to stop them or understand them. Perhaps even that is why people are trashing this movie by such low ratings. I am happy to rate this movie 8/10. Thank you.