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Who Killed Captain Alex?

Who Killed Captain Alex

Note: All pictures below are real stills from the movie.

Directed by Kakule Wilson and stars Kakule Wilson, Kakule William, and Sserunya Ernest.

Plot Summary:

Captain Alex, the local military's top soldier, is sent out to destroy the evil Tiger Mafia, a group that controls the city of Kampala from the shadows. The Tiger Mafia is led by a man named Richard. After Richard's brother is killed by Captain Alex, Richard sets out for revenge. Later, Captain Alex turns up dead—but nobody is certain who killed him. Captain Alex's brother, a Ugandan Shaolin Monk, arrives in Kampala to try and discover who the murderer is. He develops a friendship with one of Richard's wives, who has lost her memory due to being shot by Richard (Richard has so many wives they are expendable).
Later, Richard is shot down out of his helicopter and killed. The city is inexplicably bombed and many people are killed. In the end, however, no one knows who actually killed Captain Alex (Not even the director of the movie.)


I will start off by saying that "Who Killed Captain Alex", labeled as "Uganda's First Action Movie," is easily the most entertaining low-budget film of all time. And by low budget, I really mean low-budget. This was made with 200 dollars, tops. Yet it's still a great film.

One could easily compare "Who Killed Captain Alex" to a Transformers movie: both possess the qualities of poor acting, weak script, mediocre humor, and thin plots.
But there are two main differences between them:
1. One has an infinitesmally smaller budget.
2. One does not have massive product placement pandering.
And you know what? I'd go see "Captain Alex" over any "Transformers" movie any day of the week.
Because what the film lacks in plot and budget, it makes up with charm, spirit, and ACTION. This film loves to remind you of it's action at every corner, and it sure delivers, sometimes hilariously, sometimes inexplicably, but always charming.

It's SO easy to pick this film apart. The plot is candy-wrapper thin. The acting is below sub-par. The CGI is on Birdemic-levels of laughable. The prop firearms appear as though they've been hustled together by scrap from a junkyard.

But who cares?

Who cares about the plot? Who cares about the acting? It's a film made in an Ugandan village where water was so scarce, the director had to substitute water in the film for paint drippings. It's made in a village so poor that the director (bless his soul) made the budget for this movie by selling mud bricks. The studio computers are 100% DIY, homemade from leftover parts. There is actually an interesting documentary on this studio (dubbed "Wakaliwood") that highlights the obstacles (mostly monetary) in making this film.

The point of the film was to HAVE FUN. And it sure has a ton of it. I don't remember a single instance in the film where I wasn't either laughing my head off or grinning like an idiot.

Of course, the guys who made this had also had a TON of fun. They've never been to film school. They've never been trained in fight choreography or acting. But, as the narrator puts it. "Everybody in Uganda knows Kung Fu!", and that's all the film needs. In truth, some of the kung-fu action scenes are actually half-decent and very enjoyable. Behind all the ineptness there is genuine talent in the actors.

And you know what else sets this apart from Transformers and 85% of other modern films?

It's not cynical in the SLIGHTEST. Not even one little bit. The director himself explains
that this was not ever meant to even be shown out of the Wakaliga ghettos. But since then he has posted it on Youtube for the world to see, for FREE. He wasn't out to make any cash at all.

And that, among other things, is what makes "Who Killed Captain Alex" so great.

You can watch the movie free on Youtube, or you can support this genius by purchasing his film here.

At the very least we can support "Who Killed Captain Alex" by getting it into the IMDb Top 250 by rating it here.

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