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The Brood

The Brood -

I'm a Cronenberg fan but i really, really despised this sorry. The Fly and Videodrome are among my favourite films though so it hasn't put me off trying his other stuff thankfully. This is one of the worst horrors i've ever seen. I dunno there's plenty of crappy horror sequels i'd rather watch than this, this took itself way too seriously which just made it really uncomfortable.

This was really hard to watch, not that it was scary far from it; the music, what was with the music? This has got to have the worst score in horror history or at least the worst use of a score, exaggerating obviously but the music was really terrible and it felt like it was used at moments that weren't earned. Constantly i mean there'd be some moment that would pop out from nowhere and this big intrusive score would come in from nowhere as if it was called for. I can't even explain it, it was just wrong. The acting was pretty bad but i think that's something i could have ignored if it wasn't for the music drawing attention to it, i felt like the music was used to lazily tell me what was happening instead of attempting to actually engage me which made it a chore to sit through. I mean it was used when Frank went to pick his daughter up after talking to the principal and psychologist, it started up before he even left the room i mean such a weird unnecessary thing to do; creepy, intense, exciting, whatever music is a great thing but it has to be used right, just plopping it into every scene cheapens the whole film.

The acting was so bad that i honestly wondered if that was supposed to be part of it and i was missing the point, honestly if someone told me that now i'd believe them but i'd still hate this. It starts with an actual play that the characters are watching; when it goes into the first proper character interaction between Hal and Frank i was baffled, i swear i was excpecting it to be revealed as an extension of the play; the whole thing felt completely unnatural, Art Hindle had this weird eyebrow thing going on and Oliver Reed acted like he was actually in a big dramatic play. With everything else i just couldn't accept the bad acting, it was so horrible.

Don't want to continue being negative as i know there'll be fans of this here. There was some interesting things so i can see why some like it but i really didn't. Hope Cosmic hasn't expelled me from the Cronenberg Club for this