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Funny Games

Funny Games (2007)

"Funny Games" is a shot for shot remake of the 1997 Austrian predecessor, it also has the same director/writer of the original, it is about a family of three being haunted by two psychopaths in their own home.
It's been years of me hearing about how ground-breaking this film is and now is finally the time to experience it myself....such a dull, empty and dry experience it was.
I'm usually not fond of horror movies, wait is this even considered a horror movie ? I don't know and I don't care, but anyways... that's because the vast majority of them is an exact replica of another, most of the time they're badly acted, poorly made and just a big waste of time, gladly this was the opposite of the generic "horror" film you would expect but it still managed to feel like a complete waste of time.
People praise this film till the wheels fall off because of the director's intent of making it in the first place, which was expressing a political statement that I kinda agree with, but couldn't he just tweet about it instead of making an hour and fifty one minute long remake ?
The lack of gore is thought to be the issue for people who didn't like this, but for my case I actually didn't mind that whatsoever. I feel as though "Funny Games" would've been less painful to sit through had it been shorter, and by that I mean for it to literally be an hour long maximum !
It also reminded me of another "horror film" called "Resolution" which I enjoyed much better, the difference between the two is that the later has more depth to it's characters and a heart which "Funny Games" lacks.
The only redeeming quality about this feature is the acting and the cinematography, but even that couldn't save the movie for me. There are also a couple of mistakes that I couldn't help but notice, which took me out of the film, even though I was never really invested in it in the first place.
At the end of the day, "Funny Games" bored the hell out of me, while I do usually love and praise similar films to it, it somehow still managed to drop the ball. This is a Rental.