In the Mood for Love   3/18/18
by Okay
As opposed to the first rehearsal between our main characters, which I thought didn't make any sense, and was only incorporated in order to make every following rehearsal have a purpose.

Blow Out   1/23/18
by Okay
One should also expect the sound design to be good, and it is, it's even great at times, the scenes of Travolta's character recording nature's poetry are oddly interesting and more engaging than everything else the film provided.

Time of the Wolf   1/22/18
by Okay
From time to time, I crave for some Haneke, and today was one of those days, so I decided to re-visit the film of his I thought of the least, and even though it would probably still place low on a ranking of his masterful films, I still took more out of it than ever during this second watch of mine.

Cries and Whispers   1/22/18
by Okay
Bergman does eventually showcase some needed intimacy out of these characters via the ending, which is nothing but a wide open window to let the viewer breathe, after being suffocated by the characters' bleakness for such a long time.

71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance   8/22/17
by Okay
The film has quite the unique and original structure, we are shown fragments (hence the title of the film), and each fragment is separated from the other by a black fade-out, the duration of these episodes range from less than 30 seconds, up to more than 8 minutes.

The Seventh Continent   8/21/17
by Okay
Other than the above, the film features the familiar flawlessness that we would become used to from this director, the sense of framing and shot composition matches the tone of the movie, the acting is spot on even when it comes to the child actor, and the last thirty minutes of the film are simply ...

Elena   8/15/17
by Okay
It seems like the vast majority of Russian films, from what I've seen at least, love to depict this inescapable contrast between the divided classes of Russia's modern society, and this theme also appears in Zvyagintsev's 2014 film "Leviathan".

Three Colors: White   7/19/17
by Okay
This time the main theme of the film is the second element of the revolutionary motto: equality ( lit the latter is all and only what our main character (Karol) wants from his journey.

Three Colors: Blue   7/18/17
by Okay
"Blue" would have been a completely different film in the hands of a different director, Kieslowski merges visuals with music superbly, in order to perfectly portray the state of our main character, and also make her as understandable as possible.

Taxi Driver   7/17/17
by Okay
Another complaint I have is how some symbolism in the film got in the way of its logic, for example, near the end, when Travis has shaved his head and attended the public rally, he is positioned in a way that makes him stand out from the crowd, but how come the Secret Service agent hasn't noticed hi...

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