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(2016, Martin Scorsese)
This film is practically the definition of an epic. All of the shots are huge and breathtaking, the story is intense, and even overwhelming at times, and the themes that are dealt with are intense and personal. It is clear that this was a passion project of Scorsese, and he really gave it his all. According to the internet, this film was first written in the 90s, and has been stuck in development hell ever since. I'm glad that Scorsese was finally able to make his dream film, but I think it is far from his best.

Silence is much larger than any film Scorsese has ever made. This film follows to priests who travel to Japan (where Christianity is outlawed) in order to find out what really happened to their mentor who allegedly denounced god. The film mainly follows Andrew Garfield's character, and the success of the film was largely held on his performance. For the most part, I think that Andrew Garfield did a very good job with the role, and I'm glad he was able to quickly break out of his Spider-Man reputation, something that Toby Maguire still hasn't managed to do. I am still planing to see Hacksaw Ridge, but I've heard he is very good in that too. I thought that Adam Driver's performance was a bit overrated, but it didn't bother me too much. Liam Neeson really dissapointed me however, and all I could see him as was Qui Gon Jinn.

The obvious strong suit of this film was the directing. Every single shot in this film was absolutely beautiful, and it really helped with the emotion of the film. The film however was very slow and meticulous, unlike the faster pace in some of Scorsese's newer films. My biggest problem was that there were some scenes and moments that I couldn't take seriously because of how goofy they were, mainly involving the picture of Jesus that they kept using. I found that the film started to get much less intriguing towards the end, and it suffered from a Return of the King ending that just wouldn't end. Overall I would recomend this film to any Scorses fan, but don't expect anything at all similar to Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, or Goodfellas.

Overall Rating

Slow , intense, and enjoyable