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(1931, Tod Browning)

I've been extremely interested in the Universal Monster Collection ever since I bought on blu-ray, so I decided to start with the first of the collection. Dracula is the original film about everyone's favorite blood-sucking vampire. Say whatever you want about this film, but it is iconic. Bela Lugosi's performance along made Dracula a household name, and a horror icon. This film forever cemented Dracula's look, accent, and legacy into our brains and pop culture history.

Now onto the film itself. Honestly, it was just kind of alright. I can see how audiences were shocked and amazed by what they saw, but since most people are now desensitized to everything, it wasn't that exciting. I still very much appreciate the film, both for it's legacy, and its technicality. The highlight of the film by far was the brilliant performances. Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye are both fantastic. Renfield was by far the highlight of the film, I was delighted whenever he showed up on screen.

I much more preferred the beginning of the film rather than the end. I wish we saw more of Dracula's Transylvanian castle, and not just the two rooms we were shown in the film. I think the film would have been much more interesting, and even scarier, if Dracula had given Renfield a much more in depth tour. The parts with Mina Harker were interesting, but also confusing at time as Dracula's actual powers were never fully explained.

Overall, it's a fun classic horror flick, and a pretty good start to the Universal Monster Movie collection that I hope to complete soon.