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La Strada (1954)
Director: Federico Fellini
Writers: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli
Cast: Anthony Quinn, Giulietta Masina, Richard Basehart
Genre: Drama
Length: 1h 48min
Country: Italy

Synopsis (spoiler free): A young woman
is sold by her mother to a traveling 'strong man' entertainer for a few dollars and a bit of food. He mistreats the young woman at every chance he gets.

Review: La Strada is a strong story that juxtaposes the over bearing personality of a side show strong man
(Anthony Quinn) who doesn't care who he abuses and the young woman (Giulietta Masina) he purchases for an assistant, she has a child like mind and a light joyous heart that he tries to break.

Like a feather in the wind
Gelsomina is tossed around by the negativity of the strong man all while keeping trying to keep her innocents. That's the beauty and tragedy of the story....we see the world through her innocent child like eyes and yet, her world is Zampano, a brute of a man, who is a polar opposite of her, and destroys what he can't understand and can't care about.

Anthony Quinn
was excellent as the antagonist and yet there's enough humanity to his character that I could still understand where he's coming from.

Richard Basehart
is perfect as the comic fool. I had never seen him do such a lively role before. I would have liked to seen more of his character, he was excellent in this too.

Giulietta Masina, I was captivated by her performance. It was sad, and yet her smile could light up the screen. She wanted so little out of life, and got even less. Not only was the actress amazing, but the writing and idea for the character Gelsomina was brilliant too.

La Strada
, is about a dark subject, but it's told in a bright, life affirming way. At least that's how it felt to me and I found that lighter feel appealing.