La Strada   4/23/20
by BraedenG33
I think the film is challenging and open to interpretation, and I think the ethics of its portrayal of abuse are worth interrogating, even if I respect the power the film has in general and was very much moved by it.

La Strada   9/12/16
by mark f
He's dexterous, both in the body and the brain, but he's also a fatalist who's learned to love life while he can, but he loves it in the opposite way of Zampan nstead of doing the same tired act over and over, like the Strongman, The Fool is unpredictable, in not only the way he performs his high wi...

La Strada   4/22/16
by Citizen Rules
Review: La Strada is a strong story that juxtaposes the over bearing personality of a side show strong man (Anthony Quinn) who doesn't care who he abuses and the young woman (Giulietta Masina) he purchases for an assistant, she has a child like mind and a light joyous heart that he tries to break.

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