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28 Days Later...

28 Days Later (2002)
Director: Danny Boyle
Cast: Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Christopher Eccleston
Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Twenty eight days after a deadly virus spreads throughout the UK, a small number of survivors try to find safety from the marauding plaque victims. The plaque victims have become like ravenous zombies attacking healthy people with a deadly fury, which then infects the poor victims.

I found 28 Days Later to be hit or miss with me. I hated the opening scene of the Chimpanzees in the research lab. It was unnecessarily gruesome and graphic. Seeing animals suffer in a movie is a huge dislike for me, even if they're CG created.

I also could have done without seeing Cillian Murphy naked, luckily my remote has a fast forward!

But when we're shown Cillian wondering around a seemingly empty London street, then, I started really getting into the film. I was reminded at that point of a classic, The Omega Man (1971). My enthusiasm was short lived however when the zombie attack scenes were done with 'shaky camera' and 'reduced frame rate' and coupled with an ultra closeup done with a digital zoom in post production, it just about gave me a headache as it was so frantic.

That 3 way effect technique is used a lot for fight sequences these days, I don't care for it. But still I was liking the movie until they drove a taxi cab over a mountain of debris that must have been 8 feet high! Oh come on! No way is that going to happen!

When a movie breaks it's own rules of reality it loses believability and at that point it became less serious...albeit, still a fun, action sci fi horror flick.

If you want a fun time with zombies, take a look at 28 Days Latter.