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Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Director: Buster Keaton
Cast: Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Joe Keaton
Genre: Comedy Fantasy
Sound: Silent
Length: 45 minutes

Buster Keaton works in a movie theater running the projector and daydreams of being a famous detective. When his rival slips a stolen watch pawn ticket into Keaton's coat pocket, Buster must clear his name by using his skills as a detective.

Silent films can be fun! At only 45 minutes this is a quick and fun watch! Many of the silent films suffer from poor print quality, but luckily Sherlock Jr looks great on the DVD that was put out by Kino.

Buster Keaton is great! The man could convey so much emotion to us just by a look on his face. I loved the part where he gives a ring to his girl and it's tiny! She's not impressed either but then Keaton takes a magnifying glass out of his pocket so that the ring will look big to his girl...that was funny!

Most of the films brilliance isn't in humor, but in creativity. Shortly into the film Buster who's a film projectionist falls asleep and dreams he's in the film that he's been watching on the screen. That's when Sherlock Jr becomes surrealistic.....as Buster is chased, he quickly goes from the city, to the country, then to the jungle, all done seamlessly. The film is quite a technical feat. There's some crazy stunts including one where a huge amount of water pours onto poor Buster.

Besides being a talented actor, Buster Keaton was a skilled director who took great care in creating this 45 minute long movie. After 91 years, Sherlock Jr is still a treat to watch.