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The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush
(1925, Charlie Chaplin)

This is the 4th Charlie Chaplin film I have seen, and he continues to amaze me. All of the amazing things he was able to do long before modern technology blows my mind. Besides Modern Times (one of my all time favorites) I think this is his most impressive work.

The Gold Rush follows the Tramp and his run ins with a convict, a successful prospector, and a beautiful woman during the search for gold in the Klondike gold rush. While this isn't my favorite film of his, I do think it is the best portrayal of the tramp I have yet to see. In other films, the tramp is just an average guy who falls victim to a domino effect of incredible coincidences, but in this film he has much more detailed emotions. You feel truly happy when he wins, and very sad when he doesn't. There is one scene in particular that was extremely emotional due to great performances from both Chaplin and the leading lady, Georgia Hale. This is stuff you don't normally get of of Chaplin films, and I loved it.

Along with the acting, this film had great practical effects, especially for the 1920s, particularly the two main scenes in the cabin. Both of these scenes show the incredibly physical acting that Chaplin can do. I can't imagine how hard it must be to pretend a house is slanted, and he did it perfectly. I also believe this film originated the 'I'm hungry so I think my friend is food' gag, and it is the only film I've seen that has done it successfully.

Overall this film had great performances, great practical effects, and that special Chaplin charm only he can achieve. This film is fantastic, and anyone who has enjoyed any of Charlie Chaplin's other films, should really check this one out.