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There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood (2007) - 8

This film is largely enriched by the charismatic and distorted personality of the main character, but I feel it's a very big stage for just one man like Plainview. I felt lack of justification for his ways. I didn't see character development as much as I saw portrayal, sometimes almost sensationalistic, of a caricature. It leaves me wanting for something more fulfilling even if I try to appreciate it as is. Plainview didn't fill his stage as sapiently as Charles Foster Kane filled his, in my opinion. But maybe it's not fair to evaluate There Will Be Blood in such manner, there are other qualities in this work. The acting is pretty good all around, especially Daniel Day-Lewis who plays the oblique main character. I'd say There Will Be Blood could be seen as an allegory for the conflict between Capitalism and Morality on both personal and social levels. Fortunately, this is a very pleasing movie to watch, beautiful cinematography, fantastic camera work, singular soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood (although a few weird moments). I enjoyed this movie very much but I feel it could be more... sapient. I admire this work mostly for the aesthetical accomplishment.