There Will Be Blood   5/07/24
Earlier in the film it was Eli who was claiming that he was the third revelation, pretending to heal illness and cast out disease through the power God was giving him - but in the end this turns out to be empty rhetoric, and Plainview exercises real, incontrovertible power that man is depending on.

There Will Be Blood   9/02/20
by Gideon58
Upon arrival at the farm, Daniel immediately butts heads with Paul's twin brother, Eli, who sees right through Daniel and the evil inside him and is willing to work with him as long as Daniel is willing work with Eli's church.

There Will Be Blood   6/28/20
by mark f
The fact that Daniel could drink Eli's milkshake before destroying him physically is Daniel's psychological payback to Eli for having the audacity to believe that he was his equal in any regard, including salesmanship.

There Will Be Blood   5/21/18
by aronisred
That sort of forces film buffs to like his movies because film community says so and not because you think his movies are great.

There Will Be Blood   12/16/17
by Joel
It's true that Daniel Day embodies that of a Larry David persona so well when he spouts out his well sharpened dialog, just as Paul Dano's possessed man child voice frying gets under the skin so much that one cannot help but start giggling.

There Will Be Blood   4/08/14
by kkl10
This film is largely enriched by the charismatic and distorted personality of the main character, but I feel it's a very big stage for just one man like Plainview.

There Will Be Blood   2/13/14
by Cobpyth
There Will Be Blood is often considered as his best film and his ultimate masterpiece and while I think it is without a doubt one of the very best films of the last 20 years and the work of a brilliant mind, I happen to love some of his other films just a tiny bit more.

There Will Be Blood   12/27/13
by Nostromo87
Daniel Plainview is corrupted by the oil, Jack Torrance is corrupted by the Overlook Hotel.

There Will Be Blood   11/16/12
by Daniel M
Comparing the film to No Country for Old Men once again, both films were adapted from novels, and whilst I have no idea what either of them are like when compared with the two films I really do feel that Paul Thomas Andersons screenplay is superior to the Coen Brothers despite losing to it in that O...

There Will Be Blood   1/22/12
by JayDee
Anderson tells the story of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), a silver prospector who stumbles into the world of oil and becomes determined to conquer that world, and crush all those who dare stand against him.

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