Seven Samurai   5/03/15
by kkl10
Theft of values, theft of life, theft of happiness and pride.

King Kong   11/24/14
by kkl10
Given the social context when the potential of cinematic expression was still being explored, King Kong was probably an archetype of the ultimate experience in cinematic entertainment.

Tabu: A Story of the South Seas   10/11/14
by kkl10
The idyllic landscape, the tribal rituals and the close contact with nature contrast with the modern world of Sunrise, and craft a rawer and even more nostalgic experience.

Brian Eno: Imaginary Landscapes   9/18/14
by kkl10
In this 1989 documentary, Eno dissertates about his work and his vision of the world; about what inspires and disturbs him.

Ivan's Childhood   7/19/14
by kkl10
Ivan's Childhood is yet another wonderful work from the Russian master.

Red Desert   7/13/14
by kkl10
Dead nature is omnipresent in the whole movie, except in the short fantasy segment that Giuliana chronicles to her son; the magnificent view of a nature inviolate by Men's actions has, therefore, become nothing more than mirage or utopia in the postmodern age.

The Grand Budapest Hotel   6/30/14
by kkl10
This playfully eccentric, witty and darkly fun movie is among Wes' most expressive works, in my opinion.

Apocalypse Now   6/20/14
by kkl10
I wanted to nurture higher appreciation for this movie, but there is too much that, in my opinion, is not essential for the cinematic experience; some cuts would help to forge a more consolidated and distinctive work.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou   6/17/14
by kkl10
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou shares the typical plot with other Wes' movies--the characters' path is equally liberating and reconciling--but on the aspects that juice up the cinematic experience, this movie seems the most uncompromising to me.

Yojimbo   6/09/14
by kkl10
Great movie, highly recommended!

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