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Blazing Saddles


Blazing Saddles: 1974 (R) -10
USA / Warner Brothers
89% (CF)

Where The Producers was my favorite Mel Brooks movie in concept, Blazing Saddles is my favorite Mel Brooks film measured in laughter. This is easily one of the funniest movies ever made and a movie that can never be duplicated again. It was just made at the right time with the right cast. A movie that takes a clever satire of racism and turns it into one big live action Merrie Melodies style comedy. Hell the bit where Sheriff Bart invents the candy gram and delivers it to Mongo looks like it was pulled straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Blazing Saddles is also a very special comedy to me as it helped me through a tough time. In Basic Training I was seriously injured and required surgery and a substantial amount of time to recover. Recovery was done at the Fitness Training Unit in Fort Benning. Needless to say it sucked hard. Being treated like a dumb POS private while dealing with an injury and surrounded by weak willed whiners who exaggerated their injuries so they could get out of the Army and snag some benefits. And let me tell you those ***** bags really affected my morale. Thank God for church so I could find my center and relieve some tension. One weekend our acting Senior Drill Sergeant gave us use of our cell phones and electronic devices for the entire afternoon. And after a call to the folks I sat down and watched Blazing Saddles on my iPod. Needless to say after about a month and a half of this crap I needed a spiritual pick me up. And this Mel Brooks classic made life a little easier for me that day. My own Sullivan’s Travels moment if you will. Making this a very special movie in that regard as well.