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Night of the Living Dead


Night of the Living Dead: 1968 (NR) -4
USA / Public Domain
96% (CF)

Speaking of being a college prepper, let talk about the other kind of fiction I like in that regard, the zombie movies! Of all the ways for the world to end, the zombie apocalypse is one of the most popular and looked forwards to way to go. Socioeconomic collapse, war, and totalitarian governments with itchy trigger fingers and nukes are far more likely, but the zombies are just seen as more fun! And the best kinds of post apocalyptic fiction are the kinds that allow you to insert yourself into the world presented. And one of the best films in that regard is Night of the Living Dead. The film presents a very boots on the ground feel to the movie. You see the characters building fortifications, gathering weapons, inventorying supplies and weighing their options for escape and survival.

Now there is also subtext dealing with racism, and how the movie is a metaphor for the revolution that never happened in the 60s, old worlds being swallowed up by the new, and things of that nature. And while it does make for a richer picture, I admit I watch these movies over and over again for the reasons I have state, and less to do with the intended message Romero made. It is a scary zombie movie that I will be watching many more times in the future.