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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back


Empire Strikes Back: 1980 (PG) NEW
USA / 20th Century Fox
96% (CF)

Well I already sang Spielbergís praises in the last slot, so how about that other film trilogy that was a childhood favorite? You know; the one from the other guy who defined my childhood. STAR WARS! As a child born in the 1980ís it was hard to escape the cinematic titan that was the Star Wars franchise. And while I may not have had the chance to see this movie in theaters I watched the hell out of it on VHS. And while George Lucas did not direct this particular film, he did write the story, created the characters, the universe, and was an unaccredited writer on the script. I donít know how many times I have watched these movies, but it has to be well over 100 times by now. Where Indiana Jones is film serial homage to more grounded titles, Star Wars is pure space opera like Flash Gordon. Lots of space travel, dog fights, and with a very large cast of very memorable characters this movie is almost impossible to hate when you are 4 years old. And easily one of the greatest surprise endings ever makes this a sci-fi classic! It also features yet another great score by John Williams. The only reason this does not show up on my list higher is that I have not watched it in so long. And that is because I canít get a version of the UNTOUCHED cut of the film on DVD. I donít want the special edition dammit! I might have to invest in a laser disc or shell out big bucks for old copies of the VHS one day. But regardless, this is one of the trilogies that made me fall in love with the movies and is a fantastic film in its own right. And deserves a spot on this list.