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Reservoir Dogs

70. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

It's time for some more Tarantino. This directorial debut is still one of the most popular and most acclaimed debut features of all time and it's not very hard to see why. The script is amazing, the plot is engaging right until the end, the characters (performed by one of the most badass casts of all time) are beyond awesome and Tarantino directed this film in such a tasteful and cool way, that he immediately earned himself a very solid fanbase (that of course would elevate to a sort of mainstream cult after Pulp Fiction came out 2 years later).

The story is pretty simple. It's about a heist (which we don't see in the actual film) and its unfortunate aftermath. A group of gangsters come together in an empty buidling after the heist escalates into very violent territory. Soon becomes clear that there's a rat amongst them. Everyone becomes paranoid and uncertain and while learning more about the heist's preperation and all the different characters via flash-backs and cool dialogues, the film slowly builds up to a climax, while still being extremely energetic during the whole ride thanks to Tarantino's bold directing.

It's one of the most impressive and entertaining low-budget films out there and it marked the beginning of the career of one of the best filmmakers of our time.

Reservoir Dogs is an indisputable classic that contains some of the most memorable scenes in modern cinematic history.