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Winter's Tale

It's been a while...

Winter's Tale

"Oh, Horse, what have you gotten me into?"

Common criticisms for Winter's Tale are indeed, true. It's a mess. It tries to be a romance, and succeeds on that level, it tries to be a fantasy, and, in it's own right, succeeds on that level too. But mixing the two together does make for a truly chaotic experience.

But...despite the criticisms being true...It's not awful.

I know, I know. I do this all the time. But, I can't help but enjoy a movie in which Colin Farrell and a magic horse team up, a believable romance is made, very emotional tragedy strikes, chances are given and...miracles happen. It's not big-budgeted, mean-spirited and poorly made schlock. It's a reasonably budgeted and kind-hearted little tale that is made with a fine skill, with little nice touches that help drag it along when it gets a little painful to watch.

Colin Farrell is in top form, giving one of his best performances, he stepped up for Saving Mr. Banks, and this seems to show here that he isn't stepping down. Jessica Brown Findlay is superb as Beverly, the woman Farrell cannot help but fall in love with, and neither can we. Russell Crowe is nastily brilliant as the villain, delivering a snarling performance with integrity and plenty of subtlety in areas (the twitching, was rather nice). Will Smith...was probably a bad decision, but I won't go into his character information, in order to not spoil too much.

The direction is solid for a newcomer, and although Goldsman seems to have a passion for the film, his screenplay is what betrays it in the end. With some corny lines and weird plot and pacing issues, it's a wonder it was green-light at all during some stages. But, hey, nobody's perfect.

The score is heartwarming and is co-scored by Hans Zimmer, of course, a man who never fails to deliver something memorable and on a technical level the film is quite interesting to behold, almost similar to Cloud Atlas in the way it made the best of a 'bad situation', and by that I refer to it's budget and limitations.

Overall, Winter's Tale is a mess, a sometimes boring mess, and a sometimes captivating mess. It's gorgeous to look at and all the characters are relatable in their own respects. It's soft and has a rather sweet little message, I will admit I got a little misty-eyed towards the end. I can't hate something that was mediocre but full of this much care and love, but I myself cannot love it either. I've had my doubts in the last couple of years but Colin Farrell is, quite literally, a shining star.