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Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, Sandra Oh View All


Alexander Payne (Director), Alexander Payne (Screenplay), Jim Taylor (Screenplay) View All

Released: Oct. 22nd, 2004
Runtime: 2 hours, 6 minutes
Two middle-aged men embark on a spiritual journey through Californian wine country. One is an unpublished novelist suffering from depression, and the other is only days away from walking down the aisle.
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Virginia Madson and Sarah Oh, both give great supporting roles and are the glue to make the film stick together, without them the film would have been missing a lot of emotion on the other end of the spectrum (meaning we get a lot from giamatti, but here are some others).
The deception of Jack is tied to Miles as Mia hears about Jack nearing marriage, so much to the point that it affects Miles and Mia's relationship.
Miles wants to give his friend a nice sendoff before married life, while Jack simply wants to have a fling beforehand.
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