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Release: Dec. 14th, 1984
Runtime: 2 hours, 17 minutes
In the year 10,191, the world is at war for control of the desert planet Dune—the only place where the time-travel substance 'Spice' can be found. But when one leader gives up control, it's only so he can stage a coup with some unsavory characters.
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19 Dune
Anyone else looking forward to this remake of a classic? If you don't know about it, it will be on next Sunday night on the Sci-Fi channel. It looks awesome from all of the previews. I love the...

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My main personal pet peeve with certain sci-fi movies of this ilk (Im sorry Star Wars fans) is the over-enunciated fantasy babble.
Citizen Rules
I think the reason people dislike Dune is it can't match the book for detailed nuisances and 'plans within plans'....There's no way David Lynch within the two hours allotted to him by the executive producers and the studio could tell a complex, multi character, multi plotted, story in only 2 hours.