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A Touch of Zen


Hsu Feng, Tien Peng, Roy Chiao, Shih Chun View All


King Hu (Director), King Hu (Writer), Songling Pu (Writer) View All

Release: Nov. 17th, 1971
Runtime: 3 hours
Ku Shen Chai, an artist in his early 30s, still lives with his mother, but he is suddenly shaken by the arrival of Yang Hui-ching, a mysterious princess on the run. Yang brings Ku into her circle of protectors, including a nameless monk whose spiritual guidance transforms him into a valiant fighter.
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This film is just great, with an interesting story, engaging characters, and a visual style that somehow starts strong and only gets better as it goes until it reaches a kind of other-worldly apex in the last five or ten minutes.