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Release: Jun. 24th, 1977
Runtime: 2 hours, 1 minute
Four exiled international criminals on the run hide out in a remote Nicaraguan village whose economy is dependent on an oil company. An oil well 200 miles away catches fire and can be extinguished only with explosives. The criminals are given a chance to earn a great deal of money by transporting highly volatile and sensitive explosives through hazardous and rugged terrain full of obstacles and danger.
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29 Sorcerer
One of the best movies of the 70s, and probably the most underrated movie of the 70s. Always been one of my favorites from that decade. William Friedkin has three other classics that I love; Th...

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The bridge scene, in particular - for which the film is mostly known, is extremely tense, forming the best scene in the film by some distance for me.
Citizen Rules
Real trucks, real bridge, real river in the real jungle.
The film looked really beautiful with most scenes in some exotic location - interiors sometimes looking more exotic, and Tangerine Dream's minimalist score was kind of neat (if underwhelming), but I just couldn't feel the weight that was so clearly trying to break through like the tires of those laboring trucks on the wood bridges, which, was some of the most intense action at a slow pace I have seen, wow.
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