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Michiyo Aratama, Misako Watanabe, Rentaro Mikuni, Kenjir? Ishiyama View All


Masaki Kobayashi (Director), Yoko Mizuki (Screenplay) View All

Release: Dec. 29th, 1964
Runtime: 3 hours, 3 minutes
Taking its title from an archaic Japanese word meaning "ghost story," this anthology adapts four folk tales. A penniless samurai marries for money with tragic results. A man stranded in a blizzard is saved by Yuki the Snow Maiden, but his rescue comes at a cost. Blind musician Hoichi is forced to perform for an audience of ghosts. An author relates the story of a samurai who sees another warrior's reflection in his teacup.
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The Black Hair This one was effective as the sheer guilt that a human can feel is enormous, and when that guilt doesn't subside but grows and festers over the years, that guilt can be utterly devastating.