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Ship of Fools


Vivien Leigh, Simone Signoret, Josť Ferrer, Lee Marvin View All


Stanley Kramer (Director), Abby Mann (Screenplay) View All

Release: Jul. 29th, 1965
Runtime: 2 hours, 29 minutes
Passengers on a ship traveling from Mexico to Europe in the 1930s represent society at large in that era. The crew is German, including the ship's Dr. Schumann, who falls in love with one of the passengers, La Condesa. A young American woman, Jenny, is traveling with the man she loves, David. Jenny is fascinated and puzzled by just who some of the other passengers are.
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The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast that includes Vivien Leigh, Oskar Werner, Simone Signoret, Lee Marvin, Jos Ferrer, and George Segal, among many others.
Among the stories that unfold are the slow burn romance between the ship's doctor (Oskar Werner) and a Spanish Countess (Simone Signoret) who are both harboring secrets; Mary Treadwell (Vivien Leigh) is an aging femme fatale who is looking for male attention, any male, preferably someone younger; ....
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