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The Apartment


Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Ray Walston View All


Billy Wilder (Director), Billy Wilder (Writer), I. A. L. Diamond (Writer) View All

Release: Jun. 21st, 1960
Runtime: 2 hours, 5 minutes
Bud Baxter is a minor clerk in a huge New York insurance company, until he discovers a quick way to climb the corporate ladder. He lends out his apartment to the executives as a place to take their mistresses. Although he often has to deal with the aftermath of their visits, one night he's left with a major problem to solve.
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mark f
He eats a TV dinner and drinks a bottle of Coke (a sly preview of Wilder's next film, One, Two, Three) while he's watching late-night TV.
The Apartment certainly did for me instantly becoming not only one of my favorite classic films but one of my favorite films period.
On tv they only show the comedic clips of Jack Lemmon acting like a goofball so I went in thinking the movie was about an apartment building full of quirky likable characters and there was one apartment in specific in which some of them would often congregate.
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