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Hard Candy


Elliot Page, Patrick Wilson, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae View All


David Slade (Director), Brian Nelson (Writer) View All

Release: Jan. 14th, 2005
Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes
Hayley’s a smart, charming teenage girl. Jeff’s a handsome, smooth fashion photographer. An Internet chat, a coffee shop meet-up, an impromptu fashion shoot back at Jeff’s place. Jeff thinks it’s his lucky night. He’s in for a surprise.
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mark f
Eventually, Hayley drugs Patrick, ties him up, accuses him of pedophilia and also questions him about a missing girl, although the relationship between this other girl and Hayley is unclear.
The Gnat
It is a fairly disturbing film that isn't all that graphic, which is nice to see since there are a lot of films that are disturbing, but have to show as much as possible to make it disturbing, Hard Candy is more mentally trying.
Darth Stujitzu
Not a film for everyone, a tricky subject matter is very well handled, and direction and performance are excellent..