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  1. 07-02-13
    Oh phew, lol. Good.

    'Mr Devils Angel' I wonder how the other half feels about that tag, lol.

    What made you decide to watch CSI? I've seen bits and pieces in the past but I don't think it's a show for me. You're watching the one with the redhead woman in it, yeah?

    You going to watch Luther? Can't believe that i'm actually pleased that it's back on tonight! Somewhat silly show but really compelling, and Elba is always watchable.

    COD is something i've never been into either. Too many FPS out there

    I think Tomb Raider is out for the Xbox as well, so I highly recommend you give it a try if you haven't already. Girl power and all that

    I think
  2. 07-01-13
    Oh right, I can't remember if I had congratulated you on your birth? I don't remember you being preggers. If I didn't congratulate you then congrats now!

    Yeah, I can imagine what it's like trying to watch a film with a cub. Near impossible, eh. Oh well, at least it gives you a bit of a break from all the nonesense that's coming out. I don't really rate this year for films so far.

    I've been finding my old school gamer in me and playing a few PS3 games here and there, Tomb Raider being the latest, which was brilliant imo.
  3. 06-30-13
    Good good. I'm alright actually. Just been chilling out. A lot. Watching films, playing games, etc.

    Seen any new films?
  4. 06-30-13
    Hiya. How you doing?
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