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Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Caine View All


Philip Kaufman (Director), Doug Wright (Screenplay) View All

Released: Sep. 2nd, 2000
Runtime: 2 hours, 4 minutes
A nobleman with a literary flair, the Marquis de Sade lives in a madhouse where a beautiful laundry maid smuggles his erotic stories to a printer, defying orders from the asylum's resident priest. The titillating passages whip all of France into a sexual frenzy, until a fiercely conservative doctor tries to put an end to the fun.
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Kate Winslet turns in a solid performance as a staff member who finds herself enthralled by Rush, while Joaquin Phoenix is also good as the priest who runs the asylum but finds himself rather conflicted by the various problems brewing under his supervision (such as Rush's insanity or his relationship with Winslet).
In the case of Quills that occurs in the form of Napoleon and later, Dr. Royer-Collard.
Michael Cain's character is so despicable that I really hated him here. Winslet proves that she has always been great and is one of my favourite actresses working today.