Words that aren't words


Some of my favorite words that aren't words:

Frumptuous: Not quite frumpy and not quite voluptuous.
Telecrastination: When you let the phone ring twice before answering, even when you are standing right beside it.
Itchititis: When you are itchy from wearing tights.
Lachrymology: crying used as therapy
Fabulicious: wonderful, great, yummy

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My friend has one: Super-abundant. It's not a toliet paper company in fact it can only be used when a dog is super-abudantly shedding it's hairs.
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Asstastic - For those extra specially bad films, songs, or...whatever

Shlep - To carry something heavy around.
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Your asstastic reminded me of a phrase used by my friends and I to describe pretty much the same thing; Wha-pow-in-da-butt. I wish I could remember what movie we had seen that made me come up with that title, but sadly I can't...

My personal favorite would have to be....welp. Not entirely sure how that word got derrived, but I use it alot... Welp...that's about it for now...
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My weird family has coined a few:
Glocka ~ something random in nature that looks really weird or disgusting. i.e. the spores on the back of a fern leaf.
Pooknockieraisin ~ pronounced: Poo. knockie. Raisin. ~ def. used as an insult when somebody has fouled up the bathroom or left "things" in the toilet.
Noonie ~ anything or anyone that is cute. You have to screetch it: NOOOOOOONIE!!
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i call my friends vexatile when they're being too touchy, like versatile and vexed and French "vexer", must have heard that word in a dream, dunno... but i like it a lot when they too begin to use this word after a while...
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"Heetee": when you just feel bleh; not well, not sick just... heetee.

"Fab-u-lous!"Actually three words. Describing some one who has done it, seen it and can tell a story that is 10 times better than your own about the same experience you once had!
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My best friend and I have tons of fun with unreal words.

Stupindecular- something incredibley stupid, combined with spectacular of course

Stupentacular-something incredibley stupendous, usually used in the same sentence as Stupindecular

Fongorius- large, unsightly amounts of something

Yondel- for those who yodel and fondle (Thats not my word by the way, its my friends), usually used when describing Micheal Jackson

Thwapsicle- an unusally cold thwap

Bagnut- a bagel that has colored cream chees on top and sprinkles, thus making it look like a donut

ridiculomous-ridiculous, just more exaggerated

irreguardless-not reguardless, so a double negative meaning, with reguard

unbe-f***ing-lievable-unbeleivable with ****ing stuck in the middle

Originally Posted by Sedai
Shlep - To carry something heavy around.
Ha. Schlep is actually a German word that means the same thing. XD

Anywhoozles: Kinda like "anyhow" or "anyway".
Fabtastical: meaning, "Fabulous", "Fantastic", and "Magical" all at once.
Spunkalicious: Basically- "hot".
Kazump(ed): To miss out on.
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Here's some I've heard recently

Fantabulous - a cross between fantastic and fabulous, pretty standard.

Freaking - another replacement for the work *%$&, e.g. you freaking idiot.

funkytown - anything that is very cool in nature or makes you feel a bit crazy, always a good thing.