Who is your favorite SOUTH PARK character?


I don't know who my fav is.

Stan. . .not that I watch South Park anymore, although most my age do, I don't anymore.
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Token, just for the fact he's the one black character and he's called Token, it just cracked me up when i first found out in the LOTR spoof.

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Tweek. They don't show him enough.

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tweek. he reminds me of me when i'm at work(starbucks)

I love Tweek and towlie!
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Originally Posted by jrs
Cartman ....Who can forget his take on Come Sail Away ????
For once, I agree with jrs
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Mr. Garrison... and his alter ego... Mr. Hat.

Oh... and Jesus... gotta love Jesus.

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Meg: oh that's easy..

Spike & Meg: Cartman.

There are so many that i luv...

mr. garrison/mr.hat
mr. mackey... mmmmkay
Shelly (Stans sister)
Satan and Saddam

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Originally Posted by FallsAngel
I don't know who my fav is.
What a great post.
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